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Dhari Shawl

India has constantly been one of the most famous countries within the global for its conventional splendor and Shawl is the only which portrays this stylish splendor in India. Shawl has won its significance since Mahabharta and it represents our culture and subculture even today. Different Shawl have distinct styles and motifs, every with extraordinary specifications. Wearing Shawl has never gone out of trend, it's the advent of a masterpiece on its personal. Every saree possesses its personal speciality and every sample is stimulated with the aid of using the splendor of nature located in India. Occasions and Festivities are one of the instances wherein a Shawl will become a great fit for each woman.

Originating from the state of Aurangabad state of India, Himroo is fabricated from silk and cotton. The term “Himroo” is derived from the Persian word “Hum-ruh” which means “similar” and is a copy of “Kumkhwab” which means “little dreams”. During olden days this Shawl was woven in golden and silver threads for royal families. This saree portrays persian designs and is one of the elementary yet very engrossing ones. It gets higher demands due to its distinguishing designs. 

Color: cream and light brown stripped shawl with paisely design at the end

Fabric: Wool


    1. All items are without fall and piko. 
    2. All sarees include a blouse piece
    3. Fixed all in one size.
    4. Dry clean only.
    5. All sarees include GST
    6. The color of the product may vary due to digitalization or light sources used. 
    7. Dhari Shawl
    8. Each purchase helps one weaving family.
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