Weaving together a strong foundation.

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About the Founder

Prachi Saraf, the founder of Vyusti, started the for-profit social enterprise, that works directly with weavers to make traditional, sustainable, and forgotten weaves, more accessible to the urban woman. Coming from a garment business family, Prachi saw the struggles faced by the weavers and their families with the strike of the pandemic, which prompted her to venture out on her own with Vyusti.

About Vyusti

Vyusti is geared towards reviving the ailing handloom industry by nurturing it's artisans. We provide all benefits for them to lead a better and brighter future and eventually emerge as skilled artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs.
When you purchase from Vyusti, you not only own a unique piece of art, you’re a part of a story that goes far beyond style and glamour; a part of a greater cause.

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The intricate texture, rich colour and woven patterns in the handloom pieces can leave anyone spellbound. Vyusti works with the deepest sense of respect for the artisans who beautifully hand weave looms to create pure cotton and silk sarees, dupattas, and shawls. The looms being hand-woven, possess a unique look that reminds us of the beauty found in nature and each creation is a masterpiece on its own.
Our aim at Vyusti is to bring you some of the most charming hand-woven garments from across the country at excellent price points, at the click of a button!

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Every product is hand-woven using organic threads, creating fabrics of the highest quality that’s truly sustainable.

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Every creation at Vyusti is an alluring masterpiece, handpicked by our design team. We work closely with our weavers to enable them to adapt to our evolving consumer preferences and current trends. Due to exclusivity, only limited pieces of each product are available.

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Fairly Priced

Ours are not just pieces of clothing, they’re heirlooms of impeccable quality, lasting value and fair pricing. We want our products to be investments for you.